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4 reviews
Good pizza and salad. We order in for my showroom in the neighborhood


1 review
Delivery was earlier than expected. Food was fresh and got.


Top Reviewer
so quick! incredible pepperoni


Top Reviewer
Excellent thin crust pizza


Top Reviewer
Volcano Wings are HOT!!!

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Top Reviewer
OK, I don't love reviews on seamless that are based solely on estimated delivery time. I'd like to hear a bit about the food. For Fiore's, let's give credit where credit is due, this is a good (no, GREAT) slice of pizza in a city that has amazing pizza but is also inundated with average pizza that only tastes good drunk at 2 AM (if even then). I ordered the large Fiore's pizza, w their special crust, w extra cheese. I ate the whole thing (oops). And for the record, I got my pizza within the promised delivery window.


1 review
Authentic New York Pizza, the way it should be. No crazy toppings, great sauce and crust. Highly recommended. Named after a fireman that lost his life in 9/11.


2 reviews
AMAZING NEW YORK PIZZA! piping hot, delivered on time if not a little early, fresh, tasty, perfectly crunchy crust. Best pizza i've had in a while.


1 review
I accidentally fell asleep and i think I put in the instructions to wake me up and he didn't and I'm sad because the pizza looked so good


Top Reviewer
Took a bit longer than an hour to deliver the pizzas, but they were delicious! Definitely ordering from here again.

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How to eat Fiores pizzapick up a slice of your fresh Fiores pizza with your fingers. Put away the knife & fork, you can save them for Chicago. Hold it by the crust. You can bend your slice a little by snapping the crispy crust with your thumb or leave it straight. If it doesnt snap when you bend it, place a complaint. NEVER fold your slice in half. Take your first bite from the point of the slice and let the imported hand crushed tomatoes and the finest Italian mozzarella stimulate your pallet like a fine wine. This perfect combination of Tomatoes and cheese sits on our unique pizza crust; made with only the finest ingredients and risen with our "in store" grown yeast, which was brought back from the island of Ischia (off the coast of Naples) where it has been used for baking breads for hundreds of years. The thin crust is only thick enough to support and compliment the other fine ingredients. As you eat your way toward the crust you will be craving your next slice, maybe your next 2 or 3 slices.